Your relocation does not need to be a nightmare. Our professional and sensitive approach will convince you that moving can be relaxed and peaceful. Your moving will be planned to details and we will always take care of you.


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Moving in Prague brings up pitfalls in the transport service in the city centre. There are primarily pedestrian zones, narrow streets or zones prohibiting lorries.

This situation places increased attention to details when moving, especially for handling traffic permits, exemptions or conquest of public space.

For these reasons, we place great emphasis on the preparation of moving process. Therefore, any job we begin with visitation of the place, write down carefully an inventory of moving objects and evaluate necessary technology and packing materials. It is always required to choose the technical means that correspond to the specification of the traffic situation on the ground.

After defining the technical parameters, we arrange the necessary official action.

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Brno branch was established due to the needs of our clients, when organizations or authorities desire to work with one vendor across multiple regions.

Another reason for establishing a branch in Moravia was the increasing number of clients who are moving across the country. In this branch we are able to offer a very good price level.

The branch has a separate fleet, its own employees, warehouse and office space as well as the call centre.

Our staff at the Brno branch is ready to address the needs of clients in the field of relocation not only in Brno, but also throughout the Southern Moravia.

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Industrial and commercial development in the Ostrava region created a number of requirements for removal and transport services. To satisfy this demands, we opened the branch in Ostrava.

Establishment of this branch completed the branch network of HrubyMOVING with regards to nationwide coverage. This means that we can respond to clients' requirements both in intensive nationwide contracts and in moving households across the country.

Branch Ostrava has its own call centre, warehouse, team of workers, removal vehicles and handling equipment.

The Ostrava office usually handles the requirements for moving services in the Northern Moravia.

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+420 739 647 301

Vyškov branch was incorporated into the HrubyMOVING family due to the increasing demands of moving services in the region and the increasing interest in moving and transport business.

Moving services in this region are carried out according to a unified method. The moving process begins at your home or company where our technicians familiar themselves with your needs.

Based on the transparent price and proposed relocation process, which includes rental of packaging materials and packaging of personal items - if requested, we will move all your equipment and belongings.

We always try to completely satisfy you and make sure that moving with us is a great experience.

+420 283 930 222
+420 603 435 596
+420 775 738 154

We offer very effective and affordable moving throughout the Czech Republic thanks to our branch network. Technicians at each branch are always ready to visit you at the place.

After becoming familiar with your specific needs, they suggest a clear and comprehensive removal procedure. They provide you with a transparent and clear quote and propose dates for your moving.

The service includes rental of packaging materials and packaging items. That means don´t have to run around the shops and hunting banana crates. Let these worries to us.

After moving we will assemble the furniture at your request, unpack boxes and items from the store to their place. We will take items that you don´t need any longer or organise shredding of documents. You can only check if everything is according to your demands.

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We also provide a full range of moving services when moving overseas. Moving overseas or Asia we always provide in cooperation with proven local companies that fulfils conditions of membership in an international organization INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MOVERS that we are members of.

This organization is the largest global alliance of independent international moving companies controlling the quality. Moving under the IAM is characterized by using a same packing methodology of personal belongings and transport by aircraft or ship.

On the basis of using similar practice, it always ensures that your personal items loaded at one end of the world, will be finely moved to the opposite end of the world.

+420 283 930 222
+420 774 738 028

We provide a complete relocation services in Europe, both in the EU and countries outside the EU.

We provide our own vehicles and personnel, or we might cooperate with partners within the international organization IAM. This organization is the largest global alliance of independent international moving companies controlling the quality. Moving under the IAM is characterized by using the same packing methodology of personal belongings and transport by aircraft or ship.

In the case of relocation within Europe we will process all administrative requirements associated with moving, including custom formalities.

You just have to decide which objects you want to take into your new home or office.

What we move

Moving houses and flats is a standard service that we offer to our clients. The service is always performed professionally with a sensible approach.

Before moving we visit you at home to look at everything that needs to be moved and set the workflow tailored to your personal needs.

At your request we will pack all your items, perform an inventory of objects and registration of packages. We always have a clear overview of what is in each box.

In your new home we place all the furniture according to your wishes. We do not care if you change your mind about the disposition of furniture and let us place the furniture according to the new requirements. We will not leave until the moment, when you are fully satisfied.

Look here at the home moving process.

Offices moving is one of the removal services that HrubyMOVING performs with many years of experience.

This service requires a particularly high quality organization and experience. The flexibility of our company, the experience with the implementation and management of projects, sufficient staff and fleet size are the guarantee for successful move either small or large scale.

All procedures meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and OHSAS. Based on your specific requirements we suggest the most effective way of moving to secure the quality logistics, including the creation of a single information system identification. Your company can be moved with respect to business operations and without interference to the normal business processes.

Annually, our company moves up to 15,000 job places of various organizations, including their property and IT equipment.

See here the business moving process.

Moving heavy loads and objects without weight restriction is one of the main services that HrubyMOVING offers with years of experience.

This service requires a particularly high quality organization and experience of these works.

As part of this service we perform dismantling, removal, transportation and establishment of technological units or individual machines.

For these activities we use a variety of appropriate handling equipment - hydraulic trucks, hydraulic pallet trucks, portable jacks, winches, lifting and material handling crane trucks, vehicles with hydraulic fronts and vehicles with crane and container staircase Pianoplan .

Annually, our company moves around 2000 heavy objects. We move safes, production lines and plants, machinery, presses, lathes, milling machines, UPS, servers, racks, boilers, ...

Moving a collection of art belongs to one of the most important services that the company HrubyMOVING provides regularly.

This service doesn´t only require good organization and experience with these projects, but also careful and personal approach. The flexibility of our company, trained staff, experience with these orders and sufficient technical background matches the highest standards that are the key to ensure the realization of moving art objects.

We are moving the entire exhibitions, depositaries, art galleries and individual loans. We always have in mind the tremendous historical and cultural value of the works. Handling the "national cultural heritage " is our company’s prestige.

Our company works with many leading institutions in the country.

Based on your specific requirements we suggest the most effective way to secure quality logistics and any related services. During the implementation of moving abroad or overseas we use partners from the International Association moving companies.

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