High quality and proper use of packaging materials is essential to the success of every moving procedure. The packaging materials will be delivered to you well in advance or we will pack your items professionally ourselves.


Standard carton box

The box is suitable for packing belongings, books, kitchen equipment, smaller objects, office items, etc. Package dimensions: 60cm x 31 cm x 33 cm

Carton box for PC

The box is suitable for moving PC and other IT equipment, electronics, art objects, objects of larger sizes, ceramics, glass, porcelain, etc. Package Dimensions: 64 cm x 49 cm x 49 cm

Cardboard box for books

The packaging is suitable for packing and moving books, smaller objects, office items, etc. Package dimensions: 36cm x 30 cm x 33 cm

Wardrobe carton

The box is adapted for moving and transporting clothes on hangers like in your wardrobe. Moving your clothes upright, minimising creasing during transport. Package Dimensions: 54.5 cm x 50 cm x 103.5 cm

Wrapping paper

The paper is a very fine "silk" paper and thanks to the light weight (25g/m2), it is especially suitable for packaging items with sensitive surfaces. For example, glass, porcelain and others. Dimensions: 85 cm x 60 cm

Plastic bag

The bag is normally used for disposal of solid waste. When moving it is suitable for small items that you do not need at home. Dimensions: Width - 70 cm, height: 110 cm, volume: 70 litres

Adhesive tape

We have a wide variety of adhesive tapes. Tape does not leave traces on the furniture and are removed straight after moving. Dimensions: width - 48 mm, length: 66 meters.

Stretch foil

Foil with high elongation and tensile strength. Used to fix the moved objects. Dimensions: width - 1 m, length: 300 meters.

Bubble wrap

The flexible transparent wrap with air bubbles on one side. The film is an excellent protective packaging material that is used very often when moving. Dimensions: width - 1m, 0.5 length: 100 m.

Paper bags

Large size utility brown paper bag, glued with cross bottom to ensure good strength and tear resistance. Dimensions: Width - 64 cm, height: 115 cm, volume: 65 litres

Packing peanuts

Packing peanuts are lightweight, white, dry and dust-free structure. They are used primarily as a filling material during transport. It protects the wrapped object from bumps and destruction in the event of a fall. Size: from 1 cm to 3 cm

Protective desks

Desks with closed cell structure. Designed to fit between household furniture. Dimensions: 275 cm x 60 cm x 5 cm

Protective profiles

Profiles of varying length and shape used for protection of furniture, doorframes, corners, etc. They prevent damage to the goods and materials during transportation and handling. Dimensions: width - 5 to 10 cm, length - 2

Wooden boxes

Wooden crates or boxes are made of hardboard panels with internal padding. Size: Individual

Diverse use

Our packages offer truly diverse use...

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