House survey - free and with no obligation

Inspection of premises and moved objects prior to relocation ensures optimal use of technology, labour and packaging materials. Thanks to this it is possible to optimally plan and at the same time manage the process from preparation to the actual implementation of moving.

Business moving

We can ensure the removal of large and small companies, including survey of new space, space plan proposal and schedule of your move. We offer moving after 16:00 pm, allowing your company not to interrupt the operation until the last minute and avoid unnecessary losses.

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Home moving

Do not be afraid to trust us with moving your home and furniture. We will make sure that moving will not stretch your budget and at the same time you are involved as little as possible.

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Moving heavy loads

Using special techniques we perform moving heavy objects - safes, safe cabinets, workshop equipment, machinery and production lines, etc. When moving heavy objects, we will select and provide the appropriate removal technique.

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Moving art collections

Collections and art - this special removal service requires maximum care when handling objects. We produce special shipping containers that protect art objects from damage during the move.

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Moving library collections

Using special moving trolleys we can secure moving of book collections and archival materials very efficiently, quickly and with a guarantee of keeping them in the correct order.

Connection and disconnection of PCs

Before moving, our trained staff will disconnect all PCs. Then they will mark disconnected components (monitor, keyboard, PC, mouse, printer, etc.) with descriptive labels. These labels will ensure safe reassembly at new workplaces.

Packaging services

We provide complete or partial packing services; therefore you do not have to waste your time with it. Our trained staff will carry out professional removal and packing of all items.

Furniture dismantling and assembling

Before moving it is usually needed to dismantle furniture and then re-assemble after the move. Our trained staff will carry out professional installation and dismantling of all types of furniture sets.

Ecological destruction and shredding

Do you need, before or after moving, to dispose any office waste, old furniture or documents? We can also provide this service and everything will be done reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Survey of the new premises

Our trained staff will be able to develop and process the spatial information of your new space. In preparation for your relocation this will determine the actual dimensions of the new rooms.

Evidence of assets

Our trained staff will be able to develop a database of the used assets. We will record the actual condition of furniture prior the move.

Space planning

Moving furniture according to a drawn space plan is very efficient and quick. Our staff will be able to, on the basis of assets records and the space survey, draft the space plan.

Storage services

Warehouses with an area of 5.000 m2 – do you need anything to store? Even during the relocation you can temporarily store anything you like. Our huge warehouse is fully available to you.

Packing materials

Do you need packaging materials for moving? We can offer you at low price all packaging material such as cardboard boxes made of five-layer cardboard, stretch fixing foil, bubble wrap and more.

Manufacture of wooden containers

We can produce measured-made wooden transport crates. These boxes are suitable, not only for moving art objects, but also for other moved items that need to be fixed during transport.

Staff training and coordination

Whether the customers’ employees are required to cooperate during the moving process, we can train individual executives of your company, during which they will be familiarised with all the aspects of the planned relocation.

Moving within Europe

Do you need your home, business, or anything else to move outside the Czech Republic to Europe? All European destinations are not a problem for us. If necessary, we arrange the customs clearance and other permissions.

Moving overseas

Moving overseas is not carried out by our vehicles, but by air or sea shipping. Air transport is fast and flexible. In contrast, sea shipping is better for transport of large quantities and in comparison to the weight it is cheaper.

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